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I’m glad you are here! Free Help for Reading offers resources for everyone, regardless of financial resources. No one is turned away. Optional paid resources are also available, but the core of the program is completely free. There are four types of resources here on the site, and it’s always evolving, so check back as we grow!

  • Guests and visitors can view posts about helping struggling readers. There will be a lot of information available, so check back often.
  • Free Level members can access a series of suggested reading activities that will help most students. Just sign up below, and you’ll have access to a new reading suggestion every few days. Many resources have links to purchase supplemental materials, but nothing is mandatory, and you can easily create your own versions. Sign up for FREE LEVEL MEMBERSHIP.
  • Premium Level members pay a small monthly subscription fee ($5 per month) and access the reading suggestions, bonus information and some video help to teach reading skills. Many resources have links to purchase supplemental materials at a substantial discount. Sign up for PREMIUM LEVEL MEMBERSHIP.
  • Private Level members enjoy personalized, one-on-one tutoring options for a low monthly subscription fee of $20 per month. It’s much more economical than normal in-person or on-line tutoring fees, but you and/or your student will benefit from a personally-crafted program that includes informative posts, free access to any needed published resources from my store, and much, much more! Sign up for PRIVATE LEVEL MEMBERSHIP.


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