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Five Keys to Reading Comprehension [The Sandy Fleming Show, Episode #004]

Oooo, you’re going to love this podcast! Uncover five keys to reading comprehension that are important to students of all ages and stages. Whether your student is just starting on the road to literacy or is working through high school and college, these five keys will help improve reading comprehension. Give it a listen right now!

And when you’re done, here are some great reading comprehension resources that you will want to check out:

Mixed Grades:


Have Fun Teaching

Busy Teachers’ Cafe

Early Elementary:

TLS Books

Upper Grades:

Free Worksheets

EReading Worksheets

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Free Reading MiniTips

Ever wish you could get the scoop on teaching different kinds of reading skills?  How about some expert advice for helping students with the tough parts of reading like making inferences or learning about syllables?  You’ll love this free resource!  I’ve got a whole free library over at Quick Reading Help!  You can sign up, then access a growing list of video shorts designed to help teachers, tutors, and parents learn new skills for teaching reading.  Drop in today at the Reading MiniTips Library!

All Info About Reading

Here’s another one of my main websites where I’ve put tons of free information about how to teach various skills in reading to people of different ages and stages.  You’ll find lesson plans, activity ideas, things for teachers and things for parents.  There are book reviews, worksheets and much, much more.  I invite you to visit All Info About Reading today!